Why take unnecessary twists and turns? LogiCALL uses decision tree technology that takes you down the shortest path possible for maximum profitability.


The flows that drive employees down a path are created and maintained by the client via LogiCALL’ s administrator tool. Call flows can be as basic or advanced as the client needs, including integrating LogiCALL with other applications. Tier Zero allows you to operate as a 24-7 call center without having to increase headcount by allowing your customers to troubleshoot their issues on their own time.


The content in LogiCALL can be constantly updated; resulting in accurate information being delivered to your customers, both by your agents (SMART Path) and directly (Tier Zero). This helps with delivery of a consistent and timely message.

Greater Satisfaction

With Tier Zero, customers are in the driver’s seat. They can get assistance at a time that’s convenient for them without having to hold for the next available agent. SMART Path enables agents to deliver superior service more efficiently and accurately.

More Confidence

More Confidence

SMART Path reduces the need for an employee to memorize everything, creating an opportunity for training time to be reduced.  Employees become productive more quickly.

Increased Profits

Whether it is reducing the number of calls to your contact center (Tier Zero), streamlining the process to handle each call that does reach your contact center (SMART Path), or delivering accurate information to your customers on a consistent basis (Tier Zero and SMART Path), LogiCALL helps reduce expenses and drive bottom line profits.

Choose the path that is right for you.

Tier Zero™ (self-help)

Tier Zero™ (self-help)

Minimize agent expenses by providing self-guided solutions for your customers.

SMART Path™ (agent-assisted)

SMART Path™ (agent-assisted)

Create shorter calls, more accurate outcomes, and personalized customer experiences.

Application Integration

Application Integration

Reduce desktop clutter and improve agent productivity.

LogiCALL takes you there.

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By providing agents with an easy automated way to make decisions, one of our current customers saved time, which equals money.

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